Friday, October 2, 2015

August 7, 2015: "The Day I Grew Up" Reviewed at UFVA Conference

Scott's short film "The Day I Grew Up" was selected to screen at the annual University Film & Video Association on August 7, 2015.  Yuri Makino, Associate Professor in the School of Theatre, Film, TV at the University of Arizona, gave a public response:

Excerpt:  "For me personally, watching a film which includes child sex abuse is often accompanied by a level of tension, tension that exists outside the narrative and stems from my fears that the film will not do this charged subject matter justice, nor actual victims of this type of abuse. I worry that that weak performances or writing will trivialize abusive acts or that the sexual abuse will be exploited superficially, impetuously or clumsily as backstory or as a story event merely for its inherent drama. Representing sexual abuse, with an affective expression of the emotional trauma it creates, is challenging. I was happy and relieved that The Day I Grew Up doesn’t fall into these traps. One of the strongest scenes in fact is the film’s climax when Adrian indirectly reveals his abuse to his brother Angelo in the form of a lesson in resistance. This tricky scene is skillfully handled by Vince- Anthony’s stellar performance and Scott’s directing and naturalistic dialog. Throughout the film Vince-Anthony feels believable as Adrian. The vulnerability he expresses creates what we like to call "an honest "performance, one of the highest compliments given to an actor. In this particular scene Vince-Anthony lays himself bare. Through his adamancy, urgency, tears, and the monkey, he teaches Angelo that what happened to him was not ok, and in doing so he faces his own trauma. He gives Angelo permission to say no and offers the type of protective support that was lacking in his own childhood."

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